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Telemarketing Techniques
Course Aim:
To enable the delegates to understand the basics telephone etiquette and building customer relationships. The course will help them to become personally more successful and confident while approaching the customer thorough telephone. The program is suitable for telemarketing team who thrive to generate prospective leads and fixing appointments for a sale.

Module Objectives: By the end of this course the delegates will be able to

  • Understand and demonstrate the Selling and Buying Processes over the phone.
  • Appointment fixing techniques.
  • Encounter open ended questions.
  • Construct questions in a sales context and listen effectively to the customer’s responses.
  • Explain how effective communication can assist them when conducting a sales interview and when building long term relationships with customers.
  • Match product solutions to customer’s individual needs.
  • Demonstrate how to gain customer commitment to the next step.
  • Detail how to close a sale effectively, or gain commitment to future action.

Content: course content includes

  • Finding Qualified Prospects.
  • The Calling Essentials.
  • Voice, Tone and Words.
  • How to Stay Focused and Listen Attentively.
  • Record the Progress

How the course works

The Delegates will be able to communicate effectively and generation of quality prospects to make sale. At the end of this sessions they would be more confident in their approach leading to better output.
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